Wednesday, August 17, 2011

French connection

While i was reading articles bout grosgrain ribbon...suddenly terjumpa yg ni..

"Grosgrain is both a direct French loan word and a corruption of and folk adaptation of the French word Grogram.[8] Grogram, originally gros gram (appeared in literature in 1562) defined as a coarse, loosely woven fabric of silk, silk and mohair, or silk and wool.[9] The adjective gros means relatively very large, hence coarsely big and fat, thence coarse, originally from the Old French gros itself derived from the Latin grossus.[10]

"Grain" is derived from Old French graine, itself derived form the Latin grana (plural of granum)- seed or in some contexts texture[4][11]

Thus gros gram, grogram and grosgrain are all one and the same: a large grain hence coarse texture, thence a coarse-textured fabric.[10][12]"

Viva le francia!


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