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Tips & Uses of Grosgrains Ribbons


just wanna share some tips and uses of grosgrain ribbons ^_^

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There are many uses for grosgrain ribbon.

Cheap high quality grosgrain ribbon is important.

Grosgrain Ribbon comes in numerous widths and an array of colors and prints. It's durable and can be folded, sewed and manipulated into things from simple bows to elaborate works of art. It is usually the choice of many seamstress for sewing because it is so easy to work with. Most hair bows are made from grosgrain ribbons. It's the preferred choice for trimmings on items such as dresses, purses, blankets and many other crafts. Much more durable, sturdy and easier to work with than satin ribbons. Best of all, quality isn't always sacrificed in cheap grosgrain ribbons.  Test it out before purchasing a large quantity.
Most commonly grosgrain ribbon is made from 100% polyester. It is tiny threads tightly woven and ribbed together. This weave of threads makes the ribbon very strong and sturdy, but if the ends are not sealed it is extremely easy for the ribbon to unravel and fray. The ends can be sealed by several different methods. One is by applying a product called liquid fray check. It is a liquid that is placed at the point of cut and bonds the threads together to prevent unraveling. Another method is by using heat by various ways. This will not work on natural material ribbons because it will ignite into flames. Polyester on the other hand just simply melts. Heat is applied very quickly to make a nice even sealed edge. If the heat is applied to long it makes an uneven melted mess. Warning: Saddle stitched and moon stitched ribbon does contain some cotton in the detailing. Do not hold it to an open flame.
Many people mistake the polyester grosgrain for other materials because of its glossy shine. It can be washed, as long as the ends are sealed first. Washing grosgrain ribbon is important before using on an item that at a future date will be washed. It helps set the color and prevent it from running. Washing the ribbon also softens it, as it is usually stiff. However, stiff ribbon is easier to work with and hold form better. There are ways to stiffen ribbon. One of these include using a liquid starch mixture.
Another great feature of grosgrain is that because it is polyester its shape can be manipulated by a heating process. To make korker ribbon, simply wrap the ribbon around a wooden dowel rod and attach it with a clothes pin at each end. Place the rods on a cookie sheet and bake at a low heat, something between 225 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake the ribbon for 15 to 45 minutes and cool. Remove the ribbon from the dowel rod and it will hang in curls. The size of the ribbon and dowel rod will determine the size of the curl. Most commonly people use 3/8 inch ribbon. This curly type of grosgrain ribbon is what is used to make korker bows, socks, flip-flops and sometimes in cheerleading hair bows.
The ribbon can also be crinkled or ruffled by sewing a loose seam in it. Sew the seam in the middle and pull to gather for a crinkled effect. For a ruffle, sew a loose seam at the edge and pull to gather.


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